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Alcidini ได้คะแนน "ดีมาก - ยอดเยี่ยม" article


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ดร.สตีเฟน รีส นักชิมไวน์อินเตอร์ให้คะแนน  Alcidiniไวน์ของคนไทย ระดับ ดีมาก-ยอดเยี่ยม

Note: I don't usually put the name of the winery in the description, but many of these wines have brand names on the labels that make it hard to tell who produced them. Since I have written in my blog about the parent wineries, I included their names in the text, and the name on the label in heading.

2007 Alcidini Cold Press Shiraz --- ดีมาก    
Not commercially available. Opaque magenta color, hinting at the prolonged maceration and cold pressing. Dark plum aromas and more than a little hint of the oak chips. Well structured with a hint of appropriate astringency. Deep red fruit flavors and black pepper notes well into the long finish. Very Good. $unavailable

2007 Alcidini Maximus Shiraz ---
ดีมาก - ยอดเยี่ยม
Not commercially available. A deep red color with a distinctly minty nose. More than a hint of dark chocolate in there as well. Pepper and deep ripe red fruits into the flavors. The oak flavors are a bit predominant, but just. While not available, this wine does well to show what is possible in Thailand. Very Good - Excellent. $unavailable

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